Providing machine, control and programming training plus full turnkey applications

As a full service machine tool distributor, Allegheny Machine Tool Systems, Inc. provides our customers with all the tools necessary for successful machine operation.  Purchasing a high quality machine tool is just the beginning.  Each of our customers will also benefit from the knowledge and experience of our Application Engineers.

An Applications Engineer will be on-site to ensure all aspects of the machine tool are within the builders specifications when a new machine tool is installed.  An overview of the machine functionality and operations will be taught to all personnel.  Basic programming is also covered at that time.

In addition to the install training, AMTSI also offers on-site and off-site training.  Basic and advanced programming is available for “G” code controls.

Complete “Turnkey” packages are available.  With the ever-demanding need to keep machines running, many companies cannot afford the time and effort to set-up a new or existing product on additional equipment.  Our highly trained staff will do the front-end work for you.  Working with you and our manufacturers, the machine will arrive at your facility ready to produce quality components.

Technical support is available via telephone, fax and/or e-mail.  If you need technical assistance, please call Paul Gondringer, Applications Manager, at (724) 942-4451 or submit an  Application Request Form and you should receive a reply within an 8 hour time frame from the time request is submitted.

PAUL GONDRINGER                                 JOSH LUCAS
Applications Manager                                 Applications Engineer
412-298-8039                                             412-638-2870